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Everything you need to know about drug or Alcohol detox at Our Wisconsin Detox program

Welcome to Midwest Detox. We hope to help you understand our detox program.

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Midwest Detox offers Wisconsin, Illinois and the general Midwest region a unique substance addiction recovery program. Designed by experts in the field with a sharp focus on our dual mission of high quality medical and therapeutic care, within a most comfortable and pleasant environment to engage in the first steps of recovery, Midwest Detox is reimagining the standards of inpatient detox care. Midwest Detox offers those seeking a positive inpatient substance withdrawal experience a special blend of sophistication and warmth. With advanced clinical and holistic treatments provided in an individualized and personal manner at our large, up-scale facility.

From the moment one makes the courageous call or online submission to reach out for assistance in beginning the life-changing journey of sobriety for themselves or a loved one, our entire team insists on excellence in care, compassion and professionalism in all our interactions with them. After full medical and mental health assessments by medical and addiction specialists, we will design a custom tailored plan for treatment and care throughout each clients stay at Midwest Detox, making sure they withdraw safely and with any comfort assistance we can help provide. We monitor and address any needs or changes in pain management, discomfort, hydration, sleep quality, anxiety, body regulation, wound healing, impulse control, as well as any other symptoms accompanying the withdrawal process.

Midwest Detox allows clients to relax and recover peacefully. Throughout the stabilization process, we assure each client’s privacy and dignity by providing them with a well trained team of staff and a clean, relaxed environment including a private bedroom and personal full bathroom. Clients from Wisconsin, Illinois and beyond experience expert care at our 20,000 square ft. state-of-the-art detox center in suburban Brookfield, near Milwaukee, with up-scale design and comfort amenities throughout.

With our expertise and each client’s input, we will create a thorough and meaningful substance withdrawal and sobriety management plan tailored to their specific needs and concerns. Together, we will set the starting point for the recovery journey and also help each client feel more prepared and confident about the next steps of their addiction recovery and healing. Among the options to consider, we offer a full-care long term post-detox residential program.

Midwest Detox accepts most private or commercial insurances. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. We also have a self-pay option, with payment plans for self funding the stay at our detox program. Cigarette smoking is allowed. Personal devices can be brought and used (with a few restrictions).

As one of the premier substance detoxification centers in the Wisconsin area, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and quality care. Reach out today to confidentially join or learn about our program. Our kind and experienced staff are dedicated to making the initial contact with us a pleasant and clear process, as we verify your insurance coverage promptly. We will also explain to you what to expect and when throughout the entire process.

Call 414-409-5200 or submit a questions or insurance verification form at our “Contact” section.


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    Midwest Detox of Wisconsin is a Drug or Alcohol detox center. Do I need detox to help with drug and alcohol withdrawal?

    After coming to the courageous decision to begin winning the struggle with a substance addiction, you must first determine the best course of action for your drug or alcohol addiction treatment. There is no single, easy answer to how to detox from alcohol or how to detox from drugs. This largely depends, obviously, on the extent of the addiction.

    Which substance you are misusing, how much and how often, and for how long, helps determine whether you’ll need an alcohol or drug detox rehab program, which detox and withdrawal medications you’ll need, what type of detox center, and how long it will take you to detox from drugs or alcohol. These questions regarding detox can be answered for you by a knowledgeable medical professional, such as your doctor or an experienced and qualified staff member of a drug and alcohol detox or rehab center.

    However, as a general rule, most people who are deep into their struggle with substance misuse usually require medical detox to help with withdrawing from the drugs and alcohol within them before they can go on to long-term addiction treatment and to complete substance addiction recovery.

    As we will explain later on, withdrawal from substance use can be dangerous if attempted alone, as the body goes through powerful chemical changes throughout the time it takes to detox and rid itself of the potent drugs or alcohol it was awash in. As the body notices the acute lack of the chemical rush it had become used to and reliant upon, it reacts strongly sending various error messages throughout your physical, mental and emotional systems. This struggle can be almost impossible to withstand without proper care, and the suffering is likely to crush even the strongest commitment to recovery one may have recently made when not treated correctly.

    At our program for withdrawal from drugs or alcohol at Midwest Detox, our goal is to medically monitor your reactions and symptoms in a comfortable environment while keeping you the most comfortable possible with the various interventions we apply, and safe from any medical complications.

    Medical detox in Wisconsin: Why do I need medically guided alcohol and drug detox, and not just go to any detox clinic near me for detox medications?

    When someone struggling with drug or alcohol misuse makes the monumental decision to turn their life around and acknowledge their need for assistance in overcoming their addiction struggle, as explained, they often need professional help with detoxification from the drug and alcohol in their body. Unfortunately, dangerous medical emergencies are not uncommon during detox.

    Medically guided detox provides the assistance necessary for the first step to ending this mighty struggle, by aiding in the physical symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs which the body needs to go through initially after stopping the overuse, using various medications designed to help with the symptoms of the chemical imbalances of substance withdrawal, and working to keep the cravings at a manageable level.

    Since the withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can affect a person in various ways, it is important that it be monitored regularly by a team of professionals at a quality detox center and in a place where the process can be immediately adjusted if necessary. Just taking medication pills commonly prescribed for drug and alcohol withdrawing, or following some direction to “detox at home” may indeed seem simple, but, as so many have learned the hard way, the complex and overpowering reactions the body has to sudden abstinence from substances are not easily predictable, and also vary from person to person.

    Midwest Detox is an inpatient drug and alcohol detox program in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. What is inpatient detox?

    Inpatient detox for drug and alcohol provides a monitored and tailored detox for drugs considering your exact former drug use profile, and how you react to medications and dosages, and the same for detox for alcohol, your specific condition is initially and then constantly assessed and treated accordingly.

    At an inpatient detox rehab your comfort can be addressed professionally, using a tailored medical response to keep you calm and relaxed during the entire time in detox, and, importantly, you are separated from the temptations, habits, and distractions which would hinder your efforts at recovery while at home and in your regular routine.

    For those in need of medically guided inpatient detox in Wisconsin, our drug and alcohol rehab center Midwest Detox, will proactively manage your care with medications, comfort interventions, and support to help you to take the first step to stop using in a way that keeps you safe.

    Detox centers in Wisconsin: What makes Midwest Detox different than other detox centers in the Wisconsin and Illinois area?

    The level of personalized detox care and expertise available vary from poor to exemplary depending on the detox center near you or the one you ultimately choose to join. Also, some places have more restrictions or rules during the duration of detox than others. Some are only focused on the medications, while others are open to people whose primary issue is actually severe mental health complications. Not all detox centers have on-staff licensed addiction therapists to aid with the emotional and mental aspects of detox and addiction recovery. The cleanliness and privacy as well as the mood or environment all vary as well depending on the alcohol or drug detox center you join.

    Our inpatient detox center in Wisconsin near Milwaukee is designed to provide a highly customized drug and alcohol treatment protocol to help with your withdrawal safety and symptoms, and address any and all of your concerns as they arise. You will be tested, monitored and assessed regularly by our team of staff, including a Psychiatrist, Therapist, Nurses, and treatment specialists.

    While we only accept clients whose main problem is drug or alcohol addiction, our staff are trained to look out for, consider and address any mental health or emotional struggle which may be co-occurring along with the addiction issue as is common, contributing to the difficulty in withdrawal and sobriety.

    We constantly consider ways to make you the most comfortable possible, with therapies, treatments and comforters, as we work together to keep you on firm footing after you leave our care. All in the company of encouraging and expert staff, a fellowship of peers in the same situation, climbing that hill alongside you, in our clean and beautiful, private, luxury detox center in Wisconsin, in Waukesha County. To learn more about what you can expect at Midwest Detox and what makes our program unique, read on.

    Medications for withdrawal: Why and when are withdrawal medications used for detox and help with symptoms of withdrawing from alcohol or drugs?

    There are two primary reasons we use medications during the detox process. The first is to keep you medically safe and stable. Stopping drugs or alcohol may increase blood pressure and pulse, and can cause gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, headaches, sweating, and tremors, among other symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal. In more severe cases it can put you at risk for seizure or lead to hallucinations. Carefully chosen and perfectly dosed medications allow us to keep you as comfortable as possible as well as protect you from severe complications including seizures.

    The second reason is our belief that people do not need to suffer needlessly through the withdrawal process. While we can’t completely remove withdrawal symptoms, we can make the detox symptoms easier to tolerate and keep you relaxed and focused so you can successfully complete the detox process and move on to the next stage in recovery.

    Stages of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs: What to expect when I arrive, and throughout the duration of my detox stay.

    When you arrive for admission at Midwest Detox, you will be greeted by a registered nurse and behavioral health technician that will help you get settled in. They will help ease any anxiety about the process, answer your questions, and provide initial consents and assessments, including gathering your detailed medical history and substance use history also including treatment history and relapse patterns.

    Your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen status will be taken, and your blood may be drawn to assess how well your body is functioning and your nutrition and hydration status. As required in order to create a clear profile of your condition at intake and then your progress through the program, our professional staff will get a cognitive and personality evaluation of you. We will use these initial vitals assessments to get a proper picture of your condition and diagnosis, and to use it as part of a base-line for understanding how you're dealing with the withdrawal of drugs or alcohol and the withdrawal treatments. All histories and assessments are administered to help us keep you safe during your time at Midwest Detox, they remain completely confidential and we will always explore these with you in a respectful, non-judgmental way.

    The first 48 hours are critical to the success and safety of your recovery journey. During this time we assist you in allowing yourself to become completely sober -not actively high or intoxicated at all. It is then that the discomforts and the withdrawal cravings and symptoms may first start to emerge. We stand by your side monitoring your feeling and health all around, providing many different medications and interventions along with expert advice on how to make it through your initial withdrawal with the utmost comfort and safety possible.

    We often begin the medical assistance with a "load dose" of withdrawal medication, which is a higher than typical dose, in order to kick-start the process well. During the initial 24-48 hours you will receive extra monitoring, including bi-hourly check-ins to see how your feeling and if there's anything we can do for you.

    As you begin to literally rid your body and brain of the substances you were using, we are able to begin establishing a medication protocol designed for your needs, and as you move along we may adjust, adding or tapering the medications, as needed. We also address any of your emotional or mental struggles during this transition, with personalized therapy sessions, enabling you to adapt to a new feel and mindset as you get empowered to continue taking all the steps necessary for your recovery.

    After a few days of ongoing care and monitoring, and having determined that your body is settling into the new detoxed feel, as your vitals and signals are stable and at a healthy rate and you are feeling well, we are able to release you to the next steps in your recovery journey. Usually, clients will leave detox with some medication prescription still active and with clear advice and direction on how to proceed. Before you leave, we do a complete review of your case, and engage with you for aftercare planning, medication management, and relapse prevention, as well as any referrals or information you may need.

    Detox from drinking: Can I come to withdraw at alcohol detox while I’m drunk, or at drug detox while I’m still high?

    Yes. You can arrive to check in at a drug and alcohol detox center even while you are still drunk or high (having been driven there by someone else…), if you feel like you need to do so. However, this may prolong your stay a little as we will need to help you first come down and become more sober, before proper detox assessment or work can begin. Regardless of your condition, we will welcome you with respect and care at Midwest detox in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and treat your condition as needed.

    Rehab bed open, detox available today: How long does it take before I come? Can I come to alcohol and drug detox today? The Insurance check process.

    At Midwest Detox, our experienced staff know how to pull everything together quickly for those in need of help. After you provide us with your basic personal and insurance information either in an online form submission on our website or on the phone with one of our helpful specialists, we immediately make the requisite inquiries and checks for you.

    We run your insurance plan through a check to see if and how much of your stay will be covered by your health insurance (Midwest Detox only accepts most commercial-employer based or common private insurances, not Medicaid or Medicare or any State insurances), and collect all necessary information and approvals. Depending on your insurance, you may need to briefly discuss with our intake team your plans for out of pocket payments, if necessary.

    Within a few short hours, you can expect a call back from us at your preferred phone number informing you of the results of our checks, and if you are accepted and wish to come we immediately begin preparing for your arrival, creating a file and plan for your stay, and brief the staff about your joining the program. You pack whatever you’ll need for your stay, and come right over when you're ready.

    A day in detox: What do I do while I’m withdrawing from drugs or alcohol at the detox program?

    How to spend your time while at detox from alcohol or drugs largely depends on the detox facility you’re in and your preferences. At Midwest Detox your activities are largely up to you and are dependent on how you are feeling. Regardless, rest assured, at all times you will be under the general care of a registered nurse and a caring medical team available if and when needed. You will also meet with a medical provider, therapist, and discharge planner who will gather information and work with you at your pace to decide on your next steps in the recovery process.

    We provide you with the option of participating in group therapy sessions, private talks with our experienced addiction treatment staff regarding your addiction story, recovery life and strategies going forward. We also offer aromatherapy, relaxation exercises including yoga, and a new exercise room.

    It is our priority to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the detox process in our laid back atmosphere. If you’re feeling up to it, you can access our dining room for great meals and our client lounge to watch television, use your personal device, read, play a game, or do a puzzle or an art project. Oftentimes, clients gather in this area and talk with one another or to chat with staff at impromptu therapeutic talk sessions. Additionally, we host weekly AA meetings in our community room, which is a great way to experience and attend a meeting during your stay.

    Ultimately, you are at Medwest Detox to slow down and relax. You spend most of your time relaxing your body and your mind as you go through the process of detox for drugs or alcohol, and work through the symptoms and feelings of withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. You also spend time at detox to think about your life and future plans as you embrace the big changes beginning to impact your life positively.

    How long does it take to detox from alcohol or drugs: How many days will I be in Midwest Detox for drug or alcohol addiction treatment?

    Generally, medically supervised withdrawal from alcohol and drugs at an inpatient detox center can take between 4 to 7 days. The amount of time it takes to detox from drugs or alcohol depends on your circumstances. While ultimately as soon as your body is ready to be out of the initial intensely medically supervised withdrawal care you are ready to leave detox rehab, factors which may impact the time until you’re ready include: Your general physical health, the levels of substance toxins in your body, your metabolism, the types of drug or alcohol use you had and your level of usage at the time of your arrival to the detox program.

    Ultimately, the length of stay at detox will be decided with the recommendation of the medical and therapy team at Midwest Detox and with each clients input and agreement, as we seek together to achieve the best possible and lasting recovery results.

    Comfortable drug & alcohol detox center: What makes Midwest Detox one of the best detox centers in the Wisconsin & Illinois area?

    At Midwest Detox in Wisconsin we treat you to a luxury detox experience like no other Wisconsin detox center. Beginning with a large elegant facility, on a three acre property, with upscale design throughout. Each client has their own beautiful private room with comforting amenities, a full size bed and personal ensuite bathroom attached. Pleasant and beautiful lobby and lounge areas promote relaxation and friendliness, while large group therapy rooms and an appealing dining area complete the fresh and pampered atmosphere.

    Our single-level main floor building is complemented by a beautiful and spacious sub-ground level of various treatment and therapy spaces and offices. All of our facility is kept clean and well maintained, and promotes an environment which attracts a nice group of people and a pleasant atmosphere.

    We provide gourmet nourishing meals, and often -at our clients’ request- order large custom restaurant meals (to help spin things up a little at the facility). We offer various leisure activities including: books, magazines, games, art projects, and puzzles, among others. We also provide iPads with streaming entertainment for your use.

    Throughout your stay at Midwest Detox you will have the attention and concern of our compassionate staff. We will constantly evaluate your comfort level, including your withdrawal symptoms, any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing, sleep quality, or any other unique concerns you might have.

    Purposely keeping to a lower range of client capacity, around 9 people at one time, allows us to keep our program focused on both aspects of our model, robust and accountable treatment personalized to each individual’s comforts and needs.

    View our photo gallery here.

    Drug detox rehabs that allow cigarette smoking. What is Midwest Detox policy with regard to smoking?

    Midwest Detox allows cigarette smoking while at our detox program in our designate outdoor spaces. (One of only a limited number of inpatient detox centers that allow that.)

    Can I bring my mobile device to detox or rehab? Midwest Detox policy regarding personal devices at our detox center.

    Midwest Detox does allow clients to bring along their own personal electronic mobile devices.

    However, our experience has shown that due to the fragile nature of the withdrawal process from drugs or alcohol it is not advisable and occasionally even unsafe to have regular unfettered access to the outside world during the first critical days of detox. As such, we don’t allow you to hold on to your personal devices during the first 48 hours after arriving at Midwest Detox as you get your footing steady and your recovery in focus (some exceptions can be made to accommodate certain needs and requests).

    Expert drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Is there 24/7 medical care available at Midwest Detox for all my needs?

    At Midwest Detox drug and alcohol center in Brookfield, Wisconsin, near Waukesha, Pewaukee and Milwaukee, we provide 24/7 care for substance withdrawal at our detox center. One of our many Registered Nurses are on sight at all times of the day and night. A Physician and Psychiatrist is on-call and available 24/7, and is on-site 3-5 days per week. During regular daytime hours our clients can expect a full team of dedicated certified staff including therapists, addiction and mental health counselors, nurses, NPs, and assistants. Throughout the day we conduct check-ins on all our clients and take notes of how they're feeling and how we can help things be more comfortable for them in any way.

    To learn more about some of our primary staff view our Staff page.

    Where do I go for alcohol or drug detox in Wisconsin, Illinois region? The areas in Wisconsin and Illinois our substance detox serves, and help for arriving from out of state.

    While most people tend to go to the detox center near them after a quick search for drug detox or alcohol detox near me, many people who are serious about the quality of their addiction recovery search for a high quality and top rated substance addiction detox or rehab and put some effort into finding a great detox to make sure they receive the best available care and comfort during their detox and withdrawal for alcohol or drugs.

    It is very common for people to join better quality detox centers from many miles away, including arriving from a three hour drive away. Some are even willing to fly in to join a top addiction treatment center from their location out of state. At Midwest Detox we have experience in accommodating your travel and arrival and helping to facilitate your trip from wherever you may be coming to Midwest Detox in Wisconsin from. Reach out to our kind staff to arrange your travel needs.

    As Midwest Detox is located in Waukesha county, Wisconsin, we most commonly serve people within the surrounding areas looking to find a substance detox center to help with the withdrawal from alcohol and drugs. Providing the highest quality addiction treatment for drug detox or alcohol detox to those in Milwaukee, WI which is right near Midwest Detox, as well as to those needing detox in Madison, WI, and Fond du Lac, WI which are only near an hour away from Midwest Detox of Wisconsin. We also serve those needing substance detox in nearby cities of Oconomowoc, WI and Menomonee Falls, WI which are minutes away from Midwest Detox, as well as detox for residents in nearby Waukesha, WI and Mequon, WI.

    Midwest Detox in Waukesha County is also surrounded by and serves the drug and alcohol detox treatment needs of the counties of Ozaukee County, WI, Washington County, WI, Jefferson County, WI. As well as the detox needs in nearby Fond du Lac County, WI, Sheboygan County, WI, Dodge County, WI and Walworth County, WI.

    Being in the lower part of Wisconsin means Midwest Detox is only a short drive from nearby Illinois, and we regularly provide drug and alcohol detox to residents of Illinois looking for medical detox in or near their area in Illinois.

    For more information or for any questions you have regarding our detox program, please feel free to contact us via phone at 414-409-5200
    or email us your question through our message form by clicking here.