Residential Inpatient Rehab Program

Wellbrook Recovery - Midwest Detox's New Additionol Option:
Longer Term Inpatient Rehab in Wisconsin

About our new
post-detox residential level
addiction rehab in wisconsin

July, 2023

Brought to you by the same leadership team Wisconsin recognizes for their dedication and professionalism at Midwest Detox, and Ohio at Prosperity Haven, Wellbrook Recovery in Brookfield Wisconsin is now accepting those seeking high-quality longer term substance addiction care.

Wellbrook Recovery was designed by a team of seasoned experts, with years of real-life experience in high-level addiction treatment. With a treatment model following the basic outline of Midwest Detox - our first level of care, after medical detox (or if a client is not in need of any detox) clients can now continue directly into Residential Inpatient care provided by an acclaimed team of staff using the best practices and methods available.

Located in our Beautiful Brookfield Wisconsin campus, clients will enjoy the elegance, freshness, and privacy of Wellbrook Receovery, while they are guided through the process of intensive and advanced addiction therapy. Through a combination of Individually tailored one-on-one sessions and treatment plans, as well as group sessions and activities, our clients will learn how to move beyond the grips of their addiction.

All available science and data show what our experience here has taught us: chances of lasting sobriety are relatively slim for most cases if intensive inpatient treatment was not part of the treatment of the individual. The reasons for this are simple, residential long-term care enables the individual to get used to a sober life physically and emotionally, breaking an extremely difficult and hardwired habit. It also allows one to address the underlying causes of the addiction, as they work through their internal struggles, traumas and stresses, with the guidance and support of therapists and specialists.

During inpatient residential treatment, new habits are formed, new coping tools are acquired, and stress and trigger management are practiced.  Residential care provides an opportunity to take the first big steps into recovery alongside like-minded men and women courageously embarking on the same journey, in a non-judgmental, recovery oriented environment.

That is why Wellbrook Recovery is proud to be able to offer a rich intensive rehab program with a focus on positivity, to help men and women discover or rediscover their true special self. It is at Wellbrook Recovery of Wisconsin where enduring recovery can begin, through our various programs, sophisticated therapies, peer support and caring staff.

Wellbrook Recovery works with most commercial, employer based insurances (we don't accept Medicaid or Medicare). Call us with any insurance or admission related questions, we'll be happy to help.

Whenever you're ready to really get better and be your best, give us a call at:  414 409 5400

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