Benefits Of Drug Detox

By Midwest Detox Staff

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When you first start the road to recovery, it can seem like there are so many barriers between yourself and sobriety. You want to get clean, but actually taking those first steps can be difficult, perhaps even terrifying. However, if you want to live a happy, fulfilling life, free of drug abuse, seeking out treatment is the only real option. And in most cases, your treatment will begin with drug detox.

If you’ve never detoxed from drugs before, you might feel worried, and for good reason. Many people experience withdrawal symptoms during the first few days, weeks, or even months of clean living. If you try to detox on your own, without professional help, you could put yourself at greater risk of relapse or even fatal withdrawal symptoms.

This is just one of many reasons to consider drug detox and begin your journey to a full recovery. In today’s guide, we’re going to cover all of the benefits you can expect from drug detox, and even help you start the recovery process.

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    Health Benefits Of Drug Detox

    Detoxing is not just about getting your life back, it’s also about making sure that your health can recover from the damage caused by drug abuse. When you check into a detox clinic, you begin the cleansing process, which includes all of the following health benefits:

    • Toxin Removal - The main purpose of detox is to purge your body of addictive substances, and the removal of these harmful toxins can have lasting effects on various processes in the body, particularly liver and kidney function.
    • Stabilized Neurochemistry - When you abuse drugs, you upset the natural chemical balance in your brain. As you get clean, you stabilize these chemicals, which can lead to improved mood regulation and cognitive function.
    • Improved Physical Well-Being - Drug abuse increases the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular issues. Cutting off the supply of drugs can improve your physical well-being and reverse some of the negative effects.
    • Better Immune System Function - Drug abuse often weakens the immune system, making you more vulnerable to illnesses. Detoxing can help restore your immunity and make you better able to fight off sickness.
    • Enhanced Nutritional Absorption - Though malnutrition does not always happen when abusing drugs, it is a common side effect. If you find that drugs reduce your appetite to the point that you’re malnourished, removing drugs from your system can help bring your appetite back and make it easier for your body to absorb healthy nutrients.
    • Better Sleep Patterns - Even though some people end up abusing drugs to help get a better night’s sleep, drug abuse often has the opposite effect. By cutting harmful drugs out of your life, you can slowly get back to a healthier and more predictable sleep schedule.

    Relationship Benefits Of Drug Detox

    Drug abuse often wreaks havoc on personal and professional relationships. This can happen between friends, partners, family members, and even coworkers. Fortunately, detoxing can help end the cycle of drug abuse and improve relationships in the following ways:

    • Restored Trust - Loved ones will often lose trust in someone who promises to change but continues to engage in destructive behavior. By going to a drug detox clinic, you’re taking a major step toward recovery, which can help restore trust with those who mean the most to you.
    • Better Communication - Communication is key to any relationship, and it’s difficult to communicate clearly when drugs are controlling the way you think and behave. As you cleanse your body of drugs, you’ll often find that it’s easier to take in what others are saying and communicate your own thoughts and feelings effectively.
    • Less Conflict - Drugs frequently lead to emotional and even physical abuse. Even if these are not issues that you’re facing, stopping drugs can help reduce conflict in your life with those who want to see you get better.
    • More Stable Moods - You may find that drug abuse causes you to have more unpredictable mood swings or even “fly off the handle” at the slightest inconvenience. Getting rid of the underlying cause (drugs) can help you have more stable emotions, which can greatly improve your relationships with others.
    • Increased Reliability - Friends and family want to know that they can depend on you. One of the most common markers of drug abuse is a lack of dependability. As you remove drugs from your life with detox, you’ll often find that you can do a better job of being there for the people who need you.
    • Improved Intimacy - Drugs can lead to intimacy issues in romantic relationships, often due to stunted emotions and reduced libido. Detoxing can help you restore intimacy with your partner and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.

    Financial Benefits Of Drug Detox

    When you’re abusing drugs, you’ll often do anything to get your next fix. This could mean draining your bank account, stealing, or even shirking your work responsibilities to binge on drugs. Once you begin the drug detox process, you’ll almost always find that you have a better handle on your finances in the following ways:

    • Reduced Spending on Drugs - Since drug tolerance causes abusers to require greater quantities to achieve the same results, the costs of drug abuse can quickly get out of hand. When you detox, you stop the vicious spending cycle in its tracks. Plus, the funds that are no longer going toward drugs can be put toward savings, investments, or other profitable endeavors.
    • Fewer Medical Costs - Drug abuse can lead to trips to the emergency room and long-term health issues. By trying to recover now, you could save yourself a fortune in medical bills later on.
    • Greater Job Stability & Productivity - Drug abuse can make you neglect responsibilities in your daily life, including work. When you’re free of drugs, you’re better able to be productive at work and continue making a living.
    • Fewer Legal Issues - From DUIs to drug possession charges, there is a wide range of drug-related legal issues that could end up costing you thousands. Once you have the courage to attempt recovery, you greatly reduce the risk of relapse and the cost of future legal troubles.
    • Better Financial Judgement - Drugs reduce your cognitive function and make it harder to make good decisions with your money. By getting clean, you can often make more stable choices about your finances.

    How To Get Help With Midwest Detox

    Even if you know that you want to get better, you may not know where to start. Finding the right detox clinic is vital, as the care you receive in the early days of treatment will help determine how well you do with the rest of your recovery.

    So, are you or someone you love struggling with substance abuse? Do you want to enjoy all of the benefits of clean and healthy living? Are you looking for a quality drug detox clinic in Wisconsin? If so, Midwest Detox is the answer.

    At Midwest Detox, we offer state-of-the-art facilities and trained staff to help you recover in peace. We focus on your physical and mental well-being, working around the clock to make you comfortable and reduce symptoms of withdrawal. Once you’re ready, we’ll work with you to create a long-term recovery plan.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out to Midwest Detox at 414-409-5200 or send us a message today.