Court Ordered Detox

By Midwest Detox Staff

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Addiction comes with many challenges. Left unchecked, it is a disease that can affect every aspect of someone’s life. Without treatment, the addict will quickly begin to lose their footing. Their personal life and work life will suffer as they lose focus of their responsibilities. Their addiction will take center stage and everyone and everything else in their life will fall by the wayside.

This tunnel-like approach, where the only thing that matters is feeding their addiction, can lead to dangerous consequences. It is impossible to lead a productive and healthy lifestyle with such a mindset. It is a selfish one where the addict’s primary concern is themselves and their addiction. Sometimes, a loved one can get through to the addict and convince them to seek treatment. Other times, the addict themselves may realize it is time to change. However, there are times when the court needs to get involved.

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    What Is Court Ordered Detox?

    Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an addict to display troubling behaviors. This can often lead to illegal and criminal activities. Their sober selves may not have considered breaking the law, but when addiction takes over their lives, morals and inhibitions can quickly plummet. When the only thing that matters is feeding the addiction, societal laws become less important.

    Time has shown that simply throwing the addict in prison doesn’t solve anything. As such, the justice system has created court ordered detox. Experience has shown that this approach works well for addicts who have broken the law due to their substance abuse. Instead of going to jail, the judge will order them to participate in a court ordered detox program. In lieu of simply being punished for their actions, the addict is given a chance to fight their addiction and change the trajectory of their life.

    Not every addict is lucky enough to be given this chance. The court will only allow court ordered detox if the crime was non-violent. There must also be evidence that the crime was a result of their substance abuse. Lastly, the court must have confidence in the fact that addiction treatment, i.e. the detox, will benefit the addict.

    Why You Don't Want To Get Out Of Court Ordered Detox

    Anything that is ordered by the court may automatically have a negative connotation. It may feel like an unwanted punishment. However, it is crucial to recognize that it may be a blessing in disguise. Instead of continuing down the slippery slope of addiction and criminal activity, the court ordered detox provides the addict with a safe place to get sober.

    As the addict gets sober, they are given the tools necessary to understand the root causes of their addiction and they can begin to work through them. If they are suffering from any co-occurring disorders, they can receive the therapy necessary to combat them. Cognitive behavioral therapy will allow them to understand the negative consequences of their behaviors and change their harmful attitudes. Essentially, the court ordered detox will provide the addict with the opportunity to rewrite their story.

    What Happens If You Leave Court Ordered Detox?

    Court ordered detox is generally issued in lieu of jail time or hefty fines. If the addict breaks the rules of their court ordered detox, either by refusing to start detox or leaving the program in the middle, the judge will be forced to order alternative consequences. This usually results in immediate jail time, large fines, and an increased prison sentence.

    Besides suffering with incarceration that could have been avoided, the addict will continue to suffer with their addiction. Without the help of a detox program, their dangerous behaviors will continue and they may become an unnecessary product of the prison system, serving one sentence after another and falling deeper into a vicious cycle they cannot escape. While it may seem like a burden, court ordered detox can actually be one of the best things that can happen to an addict.

    How Long Is Court Ordered Detox?

    The detox process generally takes between seven and ten days. The exact amount of time may depend on the individual’s drug use, including how long they have been using, how much they have been using, and the type of substance they’ve been using. Other factors include personal health and co-occurring disorders.

    Depending on the addict’s violation, the justice system may issue court ordered detox on its own, or they may issue a full rehabilitation process afterwards as well. This would include an additional 30 to 90 day treatment plan. During this time, the addict would have to check in with the judge or their parole officer and undergo routine drug tests. Depending on the judge’s terms, the check-ins may continue for a year or more.

    How To Get Someone Court Ordered Detox

    The most common method of receiving court ordered detox is when the addict is willing to work with the court and agrees to receive treatment instead of serving prison time. As stated previously, the addict must meet certain criteria to even be afforded this option. They must be non-violent, their crime must be a result of their drug use, and they must accept the court ordered detox.

    However, what if their dangerous behavior hasn’t gotten them caught? What if the addict is floundering in all aspects of their life, but is not receiving the help they need? As a loved one, it is extremely and utterly painful to witness this downward spiral. Sometimes the addict is willing to listen to our wake up calls and will agree to accept help. Yet, other times they are so lost that they cannot even hear reason.

    In those situations, it is possible to seek court ordered detox for them. To file for court ordered treatment, you must be a blood relative, a spouse, or a legal guardian. Police officers and doctors may also file for court ordered detox if the situation presents a case for it. Once this commitment form has been filled out, the court will review it, make their assessment, and issue their verdict accordingly.

    Court Ordered Detox In Wisconsin

    At Midwest Detox, our staff of expertly trained doctors, nurses and clinicians will work together with each addict to navigate their court ordered detox. In a safe and judgment free space, we provide the opportunity for a dignified treatment without the stigma and shame so often associated with addiction, and particularly court ordered detox.

    Our multidisciplinary team of specialists treat each patient with the utmost dedication and care. It is our mission to provide the foundation for long term addiction recovery. This begins with detox. Allow us to guide you through the difficult journey of addiction recovery by successfully completing your court ordered detox and avoiding the perils of imprisonment. Together, we can change the trajectory of your life to achieve positive, healthy, and successful outcomes.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out to Midwest Detox at 414-409-5200 or send us a message today.