What Is A Detox Center?

By Midwest Detox Staff

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Although it may sound intimidating and scary, a detox center is the pivotal first step in your path to addiction recovery. It is impossible to stop using alcohol or drugs without first undergoing withdrawal and detox. Charged with the task of providing patients with a safe and comfortable setting to begin detoxing from the substance they have been abusing, detox centers aim to pave the path to a successful recovery.

Understanding what to expect at a detox center can help you better prepare for the journey that is addiction recovery. At Midwest Detox, we take patient care very seriously. Our professionally trained and medically certified staff work diligently to provide each patient with the care necessary to complete their detox successfully and safely.

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    The Detox Center Facility

    Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, the Midwest Detox center features a 20,000 square foot state of the art facility designed to allow clients to recover peacefully and comfortably. The luxuriously designed space features private bedrooms with full-size beds and personal en-suite bathrooms. Providing a range of high-end amenities to make each client’s stay as relaxed as possible, Midwest Detox offers aromatherapy, yoga, and a brand new exercise room.

    Situated on a gorgeous three acre property in Waukesha County, our thoughtfully designed laid-back atmosphere allows patients to detox comfortably. Grab a delicious bite to eat in our gourmet dining room. In the mood of something from a local restaurant? Our accommodating staff often places custom orders from local eateries in order to mix things up a bit. Relax in the client lounge and watch some television, or use one of the provided iPads to stream the entertainment of your choice. Games, puzzles, art projects, books, and magazines are also provided for your enjoyment.

    Unlike many other detox centers, at Midwest Detox we allow the use of cigarettes in our designated smoking areas. A community room hosts weekly AA meetings, which we encourage our clients to attend in order to experience another vital component in the recovery process.

    With the goal of providing the best personalized care, our luxurious facility keeps a lower client capacity of approximately nine people at a time. This allows us to focus on each patient and design their detox process according to their specific needs and comforts.

    The Detox Center Staff

    At Midwest Detox, we employ a professionally trained medical team of physicians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurses, licensed therapists, and addiction counselors. Our expert team is uniquely qualified to provide around-the-clock medical attention and support. Trained to anticipate all medical, psychological, and physical needs, our staff will remain with you every step of the way through the withdrawal and detox process.

    Our primary goal is to make the detox journey one that can be done with integrity and without shame. On the contrary, we focus on the positive life changes, the future outcomes, and the healthy benefits that will follow. All too often, there is a stigma and shame that comes along with substance abuse. At Midwest Detox, we break though that stigma and treat each patient with the utmost respect. Our caring staff takes their time to understand your unique history and situation. Without judgment, we work together to uphold your dignity while helping you break destructive patterns.

    Allowing patients to slow down and relax, our team at Midwest Detox offers group therapy sessions, one-on-one counseling, and personalized medication regimens. By promoting medical, psychological, and emotional wellness, our goal is not simply to slap a band-aid on the problem, but to address it at its source.

    What Happens At A Detox Center?

    The detox process can be a vastly daunting one. Oftentimes, it can seem so daunting that as much as you’d like to get clean, you simply don’t think that it’s doable. Understanding what happens at a detox center can make it easier to take that first step towards addiction recovery.

    When you arrive at Midwest Detox, you will be greeted by our professionally trained staff. A registered nurse and a behavioral health technician will conduct your initial intake. During this process, your medical history will be reviewed along with your substance abuse history, including previous treatments and relapses. We will work together with you to discuss any concerns and help calm any fears associated with the process.

    The first 48 hours at a detox center are crucial in the recovery journey. This is when the body will cycle through the remnants of any drugs or alcohol still in your system. Once you are no longer high or intoxicated, your body will begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include both physical and psychological symptoms. Physical symptoms include nausea, vomiting, shivering, sweating, elevated temperature, elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, headaches, exhaustion, and more. Psychological symptoms include anxiety, irritability, confusion, paranoia, insomnia, and depression.

    Our team of certified addiction specialists will remain closely by your side in anticipation of all the unwelcome symptoms that come with the withdrawal process. Carefully monitoring both your physical and mental well-being, we will customize a treatment course designed to alleviate as many symptoms as possible. A carefully designed medication protocol will be adjusted as needed, while personalized therapy sessions will help guide you through the process.

    The Importance Of Using A Detox Center To Detox

    It is a common folly to assume that with enough willpower, you can simply detox at home. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Willpower may not be enough when it comes to surviving the first few days of being sober. Due to the overwhelming amount of physical and psychological symptoms that come with the withdrawal process, it is vital to use a medical detox center for your detox. Without the proper support system in place, it becomes all too easy to tank your recovery journey before it has even begun.

    As your body undergoes the serious side effects of withdrawal, around the clock medical attention is necessary to help mitigate your symptoms. Without the proper medical care, withdrawal symptoms can worsen and lead to potentially fatal seizures and delirium tremens. At Midwest Detox, we carefully monitor each symptom and tailor each patient’s medications accordingly.

    Equally important is the emotional and psychological support offered at detox centers. The detox journey is fraught with anxiety, depression, and an overwhelming urge to simply get your hands on your abused substance of choice. At home, outside influences become difficult to ignore and even with the best effort, it is easy to succumb to them.

    The licensed therapists and addictions counselors at Midwest Detox will provide individual and group therapy sessions to help guide you through the treacherous journey that is the detox process. With respect and the highest level of care, our detox center will help you achieve the first and most pivotal step in your addiction recovery.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out to Midwest Detox at 414-409-5200 or send us a message today.