Kathryn Dann, LSW, MSW


Kathryn is a Licensed Social Worker, with her Masters of Social Work degree, from Youngstown State University. She has seventeen years of highly acclaimed marketing, management, and community engagement experience.

With her naturally sweet and compassionate disposition, Kathryn builds on a life-long passion for behavioral health and various therapeutic approaches to recovery, as well as for general mental health wellness. She pairs her behavioral health expertise with her outreach role to ensure that every individual knows how serious Midwest Detox takes their recovery and feels welcome and cared for from the first contact and throughout.

Having been involved in addiction treatment on multiple levels, including: Admissions, Director of Clinical Outreach, Group & Individual Therapist, Program Director, Alumni management, and Clinical Director, Kathryn is an expert on all things related to addiction treatment, and garners the admiration of all who come in contact with her throughout the process.