What Does Detox In Wisconsin Cost?

Detox treatment for drugs or alcohol addiction is usually obtained through a local provider or detox center which bill's your insurance for your care. Oftentimes, people will travel a distance to receive addiction treatment at a detox program which they find suits their needs better than the locally available treatment options, or which works better with their insurance plan's coverage.

Paying for detox applies to cases where an individual's insurance doesn't fully cover or pay for all the expenses of their detox stay -which is common. Paying for detox is also often an option for those who for various reasons are not covered by insurance for their treatment at this detox center.

In this article we explore the common costs of detox, particularly in the state of Wisconsin, as well as some payment related topics.

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    Detox in Wisconsin: When Do I Pay For Detox

    If you have checked with your health insurance provider, or verified your insurance coverage through a detox center, and learned that your withdrawal treatment or detox isn't payed for fully by them then you will need to pay out-of-pocket costs.

    Depending on your insurance and the treatment center you're seeking to join, you may need to pay a copay or a deductible up-front to complete the payment for the cost of your care. The amount you will need to pay can vary greatly from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. You will need to speak to an admissions representative at the detox center in Wisconsin you are looking to join, to understand your coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Sometimes your insurance can cover just 90% of the cost of your detox, and often will only cover much less -down to less than 50% of the total stay.

    Often one struggling with a substance addiction will choose to join a detox program to help with their drug or alcohol withdrawal despite not being able to cover any of the costs through insurance. In that case, you will be required to set up a payment plan or to pre-pay for your addiction treatment. .

    When To Consider Paying For Drug or Alcohol Detox

    The reasons for choosing to pay for detox can vary, but some of the common reasons include:

    • Lack of Insurance - While this is relatively uncommon, there are those who are unable to obtain any insurance neither private or State funded. This can be to do legality issues, residency requirements, market availabilities, among others. Others may find themselves temporarily not insured due to changes or certain technicalities.
    • Local Detox Options - It is unfortunately more common than it should be, but many Americans including Wisconsin residents find that their local options for addiction treatment are very limited. Whether because they live in a more rural area or due to a dearth of treatment centers in the region, they may feel forced to join a detox center which is not unreasonably far from them regardless of the cost.
    • Detox Insurance Coverage - Insurance coverage for addiction treatment are highly unpredictable, and vary greatly from region to region and can depend on an individual's circumstances and health history. A person struggling with addiction and in need of treatment may learn that their insurance refuses to pay for this level of treatment at this time or place, or that they recommend another course of action which goes against his or her own medical advice or knowledge. This is particularly true regarding the detox level of addiction treatment, and even more so for inpatient detox care. HMO insurances are known to be more limited in this regard than PPOs.
    • Detox Center Policy - Many detox centers have certain insurances which they accept and others which they don't accept. This is usually due to each insurance's policy with regard to the amount of coverage for care, or how complicated they are for providers to deal with when submitting claims. If you live an area without many options for detox, and your insurance isn't what is considered to be a particularly "good" insurance when it comes to coverage for care and their options for in-network and out-of-network care, then you may find that your insurance is not accepted at your local detox choices.
    • Quality of Care - Often people looking for detox near them will research their local treatment options only to discover that none of them are a fit for them. Usually this is result of learning of the poor quality of the detox program, whether due to staff issues, an unclean or uncomfortable facility, expertise, or environment. If the only detox centers covered by their insurance are of unsatisfactory quality, they often choose to pay for a detox which provides proper care and environment.
    • Detox Privacy - Individuals will sometimes purposely seek out a detox center for addiction treatment that is not near them to maintain privacy and anonymity. They may feel that an addiction treatment facility near them may expose them to certain people in their local social circle with whom they are embarrassed or afraid to share the knowledge of their struggle or relapse with drugs or alcohol. Therefor, they travel to another area for detox.

    What Is The Cost Of Detox Rehab Wisconsin?

    Detox treatment for substances in Wisconsin can cost between $945 and $3,000 per day. This is the cost for the Inpatient Detox Centers in Wisconsin, and does not include cost for outpatient detox or MAT clinics' services, which are a different type of treatment and who's costs are much more difficult to establish due to their nature.

    Inpatient detox in Wisconsin price ranges are similar to that of other states in the region. Interestingly, the price of a given center's detox is not necessarily an indication of the quality of that detox program. As with many services, many considerations are included in a facility determining its fee for detox.

    Some detox centers have a rule which requires a commitment from a client to a multiple day minimum stay, and charge for that minimum, and then for the subsequent nights individually. Others may have a policy of charging a lower fee per additional day after the initial first few main days. Yet others have a pay structure of a flat fee for the complete detox stay regardless of how long it needs to be.

    Of the few well-known inpatient detox centers in Wisconsin, we reviewed the costs of treatment (as of the time of this writing), and found the following for Wisconsin:

    • Detox Facility 1 charges $945 per day.
    • Detox Facility 2 charges $1100 per day.
    • Detox Facility 3 charges $1415 per day.
    • Detox Facility 4 charges $3000 per day.
    • Detox facility 5 charges $6,000 flat rate for a full detox stay.

    The Total Price for Full Substances Detox in Wisconsin

    The total cost of drug and alcohol withdrawal treatment, is really much higher than the above noted numbers, and that's because detoxing from substances always takes more than one day. Medically supervised inpatient withdrawal from substances usually takes between 4 to 7 days until the patient is ready to move on.

    Of course, the length of stay at a detox center will depend on multiple variables, including:

    • The substance or substances being misused
    • How long this substance has been taken by the user
    • The frequency of use
    • Dosage
    • Physical fitness
    • Emotional fitness
    • Relapse history
    • How recently prior to detox has the substance been used

    So, for example, considering a price of about $1200 per day, a 5 day stay at a detox center would cost $6,000 out of pocket (actual numbers vary according to each treatment center, as noted).

    Payment Plans and Payment Types For Detox

    Some detox centers in Wisconsin offer more flexible payment options than others. Some of the payment options used to cover the charge for treatment at a detox program in Wisconsin include, credit cards, PayPal, Zelle, money wire, checks and cash.

    Some facilities require more upfront pay, or deposits, and verifiable payment methods. Others may require you to leave a deposit for the full amount for the minimum of days you are going to need to be staying for detoxification from the drugs or alcohol you used.

    There are detox centers in Wisconsin that offer payment plans to clients who cannot afford to immediately pay for their care. They may be open to a reasonable arrangement we you pay some upfront and the rest in installments even after leaving their care, with your verified credit card or bank account information provided to them to use as scheduled or in case you don't come through with the promised payment.

    Reasons To Pay For Detox Over A Local Insured Detox

    Aside for the reasons mentioned above, other reasons may cause some to seek to detox at a detox center they chose rather then to just go to a local detox center near them.

    Certain detox centers specialize in certain areas of addiction treatment. For example, some detox centers have a medicine prescribing doctor on call 24/7 or on-site everyday or most days of the week, while others may have less access to a doctor. Some detox programs have addiction specialists on their team to provide guidance and support during the substance withdrawal process. They might also have a certified therapist or therapists to assist in bringing the client to a deeper clarity and understanding of their recovery process.

    Some detox centers offer group or individual therapy sessions. These sessions help start to address the addiction and work through underlying mental or emotional struggles as you begin getting more presence of mind and perspective during withdrawal. While therapy during the short stay at detox won't be able to properly resolve underlying issues which cause addiction, they play an important role in that process and give direction and meaning to the recovery process currently underway.

    For many, individually tailored care is extremely important during this critical time of their recovery journey. Some detox programs are more limited and provide for a smaller group with a high staff/patient ratio. This allows them to provide individualized care to each person, and offer them the attention and focus they may need. It also ensures an efficient medical and therapeutic process tailored and adjusted to meet their individual needs.

    Aftercare planning and guidance is another important aspect of detox care which can vary by detox center. In certain detox centers, there is robust post-detox planning. Each patient is guided with expert advice on how to proceed after completing detox. How they should continue in the next steps of the recovery, and what to expect over the next days and weeks. A full review of all their medications, addiction related or otherwise, and the possible side-effects or conflicts. All these are included in a personalized aftercare plan, and are available only at certain detox programs.

    Other considerations might include:

    • Withdrawal comfort amenities Some facilities have features beyond pain and discomfort medications and supplements to aid in the withdrawal process. This can be in the form of Sound Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Yoga, among others. This can also include proper meals and nourishment as well as comfort foods and drinks.
    • Private Detox Often a person looking to come off of substances finds themselves at a point in their life where they need some privacy and dignity as they turn themselves around. Add to that the often uncomfortable and unpredictable physical reactions to the detox process, and privacy can be seen as critical to some. It is for that reason that some detox facilities offer private rooms and or bathrooms for their patients, so that they can detox in comfort and privacy.
    • Detox environment Local detox centers may not offer the environment which many see as appropriate for them and their comfort. Some may choose to pay and travel to detox in a facility who's environment is more clean, respectful, and of a finer social class. These attributes vary greatly among detox centers and are often related to insurances accepted, staff competence, and location.

    The True Cost Of Addiction

    While we have explored the reasons for paying for detox and the cost of drug and alcohol detox in Wisconsin, the cost of not beginning the recovery journey in a meaningful and effective way will usually be much higher.

    As anyone struggling with an addiction can attest to, addiction costs the person struggling to overcome it a hefty price. Whether paying for the constant fixes, or paying for damages or fees caused due to an addiction, or loss of income -complete or partial, or paying for the "side" needs caused by the addictions physical and emotional effects. All these add up in a ever growing way, and if not addressed properly will result in much larger expenses over the long term than the cost of detox and recovery.

    This obvious and simple calculation is important to bear in mind, as financials are considered, making sure not to forget the bigger picture -the cost of addiction

    Midwest Detox Offers Payment Plan Options For Detox In Wisconsin

    Addiction is a difficult and painful condition, but there is always hope to beat it with the right care and dedication. If you make the decision to seek out treatment, you can overcome your addiction and get a new lease on life.

    Do you live in the Wisconsin region? Are you in need of a private detox center to begin your recovery? If you’re in need of immediate drug or alcohol detox in comfort and dignity, Midwest Detox is here to help. We can provide everything you need to detox from substances in a safe environment. Our expert staff will provide high-quality medical care, comfort care, therapy and guidance, in our elegant, private and limited detox center.

    To learn more about our relatively low self-pay plans, or find out about our premier detox program. Visit our website or call us directly at 414-409-5200 to take the first step toward sobriety.